Here are some shots of Troy and Shawna Wrights' Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D-VIII.

Hi Dick; Here are some pictures of my Fokker D-VII I've christened "The White Raven". It will be painted in the colors of Jagdstaffel 18, with my own fictional markings added. Jagdstaffel 18 was known as the raven squadron and my bird will have a white wing so hence the name. Also we did actually have an albino Raven near here a few years back so no one can scoff to loudly. If anyone has question, comments, or constructive criticism They can Email me at  or phone me on there dime at (250) 842-5094. 
Troy Wright
AKA Adam Von Writter
Project Fokker DVIII "Weisa Raba`e" (The White Raven)

Troy has put his photos on ( for which we thank him VERY much as it save us a ton of server space.) You can get to his photos by clicking the link below and then typing in:

Username. Von_Writter

Password: DVIII

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