Here's a letter with photos of Joseph Tygart's Air Drome Airplanes Fokker DR-I.
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929 NW Road
1571 Hangar 1
Holden, MO 64040

tygart1.jpg (512907 bytes)tygart2.jpg (474153 bytes)Hi Robert, I wish to express my satisfaction with my Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker DR/1 which I purchased almost 2 years ago. As a professional military and past airline pilot, I have accrued almost 10,000 flying hours in 40 varieties of aircraft. Without hesitation, I can state that your DR/1 is the most unique and fun machine I have flown. I have logged approximately 245 hrs in the Triplane with several cross country flights averaging several hundred miles each. 

tygart3.jpg (365463 bytes)tygart4.jpg (307143 bytes)As you can see in the enclosed photo, I have done short field and rough field operations on unimproved surfaces with no problems. The aircraft is tough and reliable with no operational surprises. I can testify to the fact that she will not come apart in rough air or on rough landing surfaces. It's all just a matter of pilot experience and technique. I have been in light to moderate turbulence with the Triplane on many occasions and even landed her in favorable 20 knot winds. I have found that you can do almost anything that you could expect in a utility category aircraft with respect to pilot and aircraft limitations. Due to the unknowns of airframe stress testing and pilot experience, I would not recommend aerobatic maneuvers in your aircraft. The inherent light wing loading of your machines must be understood and definitely considered in the operational flight envelope. Wind and turbulence can give you a real wild ride! YEE HAW .........

tygart5.jpg (484959 bytes)tygart6.jpg (291109 bytes)Any way, I treat my beautiful DR/1 Triplane with respect and she returns the favor with hours of low cost, challenging & trouble-free flying. I always use the best of everything on my Fokker DR/1 and operate & maintain her in a military manner. Additionally, whenever I take the Trip to air shows or fly-in's, she steals the show. If any of your potential customers would like to see my aircraft or chat with me -I'm available. Keep-up the good work! HOOAH! Der Baron Von Tygart

Joseph Michael Tygart, I
Chief Warrant Officer Four
United States Army


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