Here are some shots of Robert's newest design, the Pfalz E-1. Emel Rose is building this and it's basically a variant of the Fokker E-III Eindecker.

The PFALZ E.I was first. 

Then came the FOKKER Eindecker. 

The EINDECKERS were simply copies of the successful pre-war Morane-saulnier monoplanes. In fact the only copies of these French design were made by Pfalz who entered a licensing agreement in 1914 to build the Pfalz E type . 

As you can see in the pictures the modified Pfalz has 8 support wires per each wing panel instead of 2 on the Eindecker. 

The horizontal stab and elevator are two pieces now. 

The rudder is squared off a little larger area. The wing ribs are made of flat alum. bent a riveted together, like the full size DR1 . 

Emel R Rose
2224 E Summerset
Derby, KS 67037

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