Here are some shots of Emel Rose's Outstanding Air Drome Aeroplanes Fokker D_VIII.
I left the images pretty high-res so you can appreciate this beautemous plane!!!

1915 cc VW Great Plains with triple cog belt PSRU from Valley Engineering.  

74 X 42 Culver Prop.

Empty weight = 534 LBS

Measured thrust at 3300rpm = 380 lbs.  

Aircraft is painted by Randy Herbrechstmeier and is painted in Theodor Osterkamp designed. Rank Oberleutant Zur See , Freiwilliges Marine ,Marine Feld Jasta1 and 2 . 

Cowling is Werner Voss paint scheme.

If you want to see this beautiful plane in person, Emel's planning on having it at the Gathering Of Eagles in Gardner, Kansas in June.

For more information, please contact:

Emel R Rose
Andover , KS 67002

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